A working father of New York

Tazi, right, at work in the Shah’s Halal cart on Melbourne Ave and Kissena Blvd. He quickly leaves after his shift to pick up his son from an afterschool program.

Mohamed Tazi begins every day at 6:15 AM in the morning with his wife. They wake up their two sons at 7:00 AM, Tazi cooks breakfast for his sons while his wife heads to work. He drives them to school and arrives at work by 8:00 AM. After he finishes his shift at 5:30 PM he picks up his two sons and spends the rest of the evening with his family at home. This is the everyday routine.

Tazi works at a Shah’s Halal cart situated near Queens College on Kissena Blvd and Melbourne Ave. His steady routine has been developed over the decade that Tazi has worked at the cart. His time at the cart has made him a fixture of the Queens College community where he serves dozens of students every single day.

“I love my job” said Tazi, “it pays my bills and I save some. My favorite part is I get payed in cash.”

The daily grind of Tazi’s lifestyle leaves little room for much else besides his faith, work and family. Tazi works every day except for weekends. His Fridays are spent observing Jumu’ah, when Muslims gather for midday prayer; Saturdays are spent with his wife since that is one of her days off from work.

“I dedicate my Fridays to prayer,” said Tazi. “At night, my wife and I watch TV and then we go to sleep.”

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